#017 Welcome to KGS
now in Russian too! triangle.sente.ru
new items in the shop! T-shirts, prints and other stuff :)
the shop and the infobox section are finished and online! ^_^
I'm back to drawing again :)
I will be attending an anime event "Aki no Tamashii" in Amsterdam later this year - I did some comission work for the organizer of the event, the EGCC, which you can view in the related artwork section now.
Tampere go congress art uploaded in the related artwork section.
New related artwork, I hope to upload art from the Tampere go congress soon.
Welcome to KGS
Creator's comments
I am a jerk, really... I mean, I complain about my inability to draw complicated stuff, and then the idea "hey, I want to draw KGS!" comes up and there I go attempting to draw an internet go server >_<

First of all, please guys, don't kill me for this rather silly interpretation. You want the poor empty triangle to find happiness, do you? And someone needs to draw that ^_^"
I am not long on KGS, I came there autumn 06, immmediately liked that place but never got used to playing there. I never do until now (you have to be really persuasive) - I prefer to hide in the Slovak national room I own and observe the surroundings.. and this is the product of my observation.
There are all in all 15 particular people in that chaotic picture of mine - and I have a tiny request: If you think you have discovered yourself, I'd like to know :) Leave a message in the guestbook if you feel like it!
Last of all, that guy I am introducing KGS to is Sutech, the guy behind the whole programming of this site.

Here is a larger version of the picture, for those who want to try out their knowledge and skills in identifying those people :)
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Mail_symbol Name_symbol chidori <2012-06-05 23:54>
  quarktime, yes he is there :)
mike, that's a guy, his nickname is Sutech and he helped me to make this website... he's long-haired like that.
kostuek, I guess it's a habit of left-handers to draw their pictures left-handed too... XD
Name_symbol kostuek <2012-03-14 23:34>
  i found the hand of god. and god is left-hander! how interesting... :)

P.S. Great work, i love it
Mail_symbol Name_symbol mateo <2011-12-10 06:12>
  the sandbaggers! :)
Name_symbol mike <2011-06-16 09:16>
  who is your friend? is she areal person? whats her name?
Name_symbol Tyco <2011-01-17 04:52>
  Lol I think its a great depiction of KGS :) Keep up the good work.
Mail_symbol Name_symbol quarktime <2010-12-29 01:57>
  I believe I see DrStraw in there...

Very cool!
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Athanor <2010-05-31 13:31>
  I can see bum(Jan Simara) smoking, sum(Robert Jasiek) reading ING rules, Javaness (Ian Davis) as an Admin Squirrel and Maci saying "haro", as usual.
Mail_symbol Name_symbol chidori <2010-05-26 17:12>
  that would spoil the fun for all those trying to figure them out ^^
but if you really want to know the names, feel free to mail me!
Name_symbol <2010-05-25 17:18>
  Could you please provide all names? I can only see captain
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Athanor <2010-05-03 19:33>
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Zerua Wolfsbane <2010-05-02 20:49>
  I love it I'm going to save this as my background and never take it down lol ^^
Name_symbol filia <2010-03-26 01:32>
  Super cool image of KGS! )) You're great! )))
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