#024 Paperbag solution
now in Russian too! triangle.sente.ru
new items in the shop! T-shirts, prints and other stuff :)
the shop and the infobox section are finished and online! ^_^
I'm back to drawing again :)
I will be attending an anime event "Aki no Tamashii" in Amsterdam later this year - I did some comission work for the organizer of the event, the EGCC, which you can view in the related artwork section now.
Tampere go congress art uploaded in the related artwork section.
New related artwork, I hope to upload art from the Tampere go congress soon.
Paperbag solution
Creator's comments
after 3 weeks of holidays (during which Sutech failed to deliver a guest strip instead of me :'( ) and after my first European Go Congress attendance, E3A is back, finally ^_^

Besides the discovery that a paperbag can solve almost all crucial problems you may encounter on your way to improve in go (I know that it is not true, but wouldn't it be awesome?), I wanted to use a few actual people I met during congress in this strip. So besides the hello kitty-guy from #020, there are 3 other guest characters that I hope will recognise themselves ^_^"
I think she will soon understand how happy she could have become with the empty triangle. Is a paperbag really better than a dango?
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Name_symbol Algohol <2012-05-09 10:32>
  This laughing clock really feeds my paranoia about ing...
Name_symbol mike <2011-07-24 00:06>
  Ooooo! draw a face on the bag! :D
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