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now in Russian too! triangle.sente.ru
new items in the shop! T-shirts, prints and other stuff :)
the shop and the infobox section are finished and online! ^_^
I'm back to drawing again :)
I will be attending an anime event "Aki no Tamashii" in Amsterdam later this year - I did some comission work for the organizer of the event, the EGCC, which you can view in the related artwork section now.
Tampere go congress art uploaded in the related artwork section.
New related artwork, I hope to upload art from the Tampere go congress soon.
helping out
Creator's comments
I drew this for three reasons - firstly, because I felt the need for a long time already to somehow express something I have noticed about go players: an amazing readiness to help out, and not only with tsumego or difficult board positions. Does this come as a result of the philosophy behind go, does playing this game help us become better people? Or does the game simply draw the attention of a specific kind of person in the first place?
Secondly, this is a small thank-you for one of those helpful go players, whose first intention was to play against me and who ended up explaining probabilities and Mendelian inheritance to me instead :)
And lastly, which is partly a reason for me almost not having posted this, is my lack of time for anything apart from studying for the university entrance exam I am planning to take soon. I will have to cut on drawing time too, so please excuse the poor quality of this strip - and that there probably will not be many updates in the following weeks.
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Name_symbol mike <2011-06-15 06:31>
  seriously, whats with the ducks?
Mail_symbol Name_symbol chidori <2010-07-10 09:45>
  I failed it :(
I'm not giving up though, and will try next year again - thanks :)
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Elf-King <2010-07-10 09:24>
  ALL the best in your entrance examination!!
Name_symbol ....... <2010-05-27 23:25>
  love this one.
Name_symbol Morty <2010-05-21 18:20>
  and poor lamarck?

on mendel and his peas... if you leave a black go stone and a white go stone alone in a bowl long enough, will there be a bunch of grey baby stones? :)

Good luck with your learning!
Mail_symbol Name_symbol mafu <2010-05-10 02:39>
  Go Chido! />

Btw I remember the Mendelian system from school, I totally enjoyed it. Almost made me chose to study biology.
Mail_symbol Name_symbol quindo <2010-05-05 08:04>
  Yay! Your back :-D
Mail_symbol Name_symbol hanayeol <2010-05-03 11:19>
  Hi, I would appreciate your visit.
Mail_symbol Name_symbol InsanePat <2010-04-28 16:27>
  he he, i hope now you got it... so next time we can do the same with more genes, each having more alleles ;-)
Mail_symbol Name_symbol docgnome <2010-04-28 01:34>
  Hurray! I'm glad you included an explanation cause I was pretty confused.
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Disruption <2010-04-27 00:24>
Thanks for the detail ^^ It really looks like me :P ^^
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