#026 Rank microcosm
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Rank microcosm
Creator's comments
there is a bit reading required this time I fear...
I never payed much attention to those strength differencies between various rank systems, but after I expirienced the partly huge holes between for example japanese amateur ranks and east european ones ( czech guy 5k: "hey I beat a japanese 1d lol") I grew aware.
however this funny dialogue is not from me, Mohsart came up with it and I am thankful for the idea :)
this time no real people are used, I wanted to invent some imaginary go-players for a change ;)
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Name_symbol mike <2011-09-17 03:18>
  i like it. it seems each person has their own personality and querks. too bad we dont see them again. :)
Mail_symbol Name_symbol Zerua Wolfsbane <2010-05-02 20:52>
  The one thing that always drove me crazy and still do at times is the different ranking systems =.=''
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